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The district of Karlovac
municipality Vojnić
village Miholjsko 18

Estate size is about 15 rali = 8.2 hectare

Arable lands – 10 rali = 5.70 hectare

Grazing land – 2 rala = 1.1 hectare

Forest – 3 rala = 1.7 hectare

After the war in 90’s, house has not been renovated, therefore electricity and telephone connection have been disconnected. Electricity and telephone connection could be easily achieved connecting to the existing network.

As the house was far away from the war zone, damage, as shown in the picture, mostly visible on doors and windows, has been done in years after the war.

Condition of roof structure of the house and additional buildings is satisfactory.

Back yard cleanup from bushes and trees has to be done.

Agriculture land is regulary cultivated, as shown in the picture, and could be immediatelly used for growing of different kind of goods, especially suitable for bio-vegetable and bio-fruit production.


As a part of the property, forest, with 1400 fir trees and mixture of alder, beech and hornbeam (1.73 hectare), gives the exclusive natural look.



Source located on the top of the hill near the house, used as a watersource during all seasons, provides clean and cold water with constant pressure 3 to 5 bar.

House is equiped with piping for central heating (the same watersource could be used for the central heating water supply and pressuring the line).



Pic. 1 Water quality has been approved on 26.08.2007 from Medical Prevention Institute VS Nis, Serbia.


Fresh air, clean water and pesticide-free land are perfect background for the organic food production, beekeeping, fish production or livestock farming.

Additionaly, large forest area Petrova Gora and absence of any kind of industrial polution, make this area as a perfect place to live.

Excellent traffic connection will take you in a few minutes to the town Vojnic (10 km).

Connection to the following cities as Karlovac (35km) or capital city Zagreb (85km), as well as turist destination as Terme Topusko (35km), Rastoke - a watermill village (32km) and Plitvice Lakes National Park (65km).

Distance from the sea, city Rijeka (145km) make this place more than attractive.

Also the distance to Bosnia (Velika Kladusa) is only 15km.